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  • What’s a foam party like?
    Not only will your event look EPIC, it will be! We bring our professional Bubble Blaster and shoot out enough foam to cover an huge area up to about 6 feet deep! While you and your guests are entertained in our foam, we play high-energy music to keep the atmosphere fun! In addition, we throw out beach balls and have a coupe games that guests can play!
  • Is the foam safe for adults, kids, pets and extraterrestrials?"
    Yes ☺ Our foam is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, dye-free, non-staining, biodegradable and glutten-free! It's safe for babies, kids, teenagers, adults, grandma, dogs, cats, grass, plants, aliens and even safe for the environment! It is as gentle as baby shampoo.
  • Is it slippery?
    Surprisingly, the Foam does not make the ground very slippery at all. It’s mostly dense bubbles with minimal water and Foam solution added, so it does not leave a film on the ground like you might think. Surfaces can make a bit of a difference of course. Concrete, asphalt and rubber are best, while grass lawns can get just a little more slick. We don’t recommend dirt surfaces because they get muddy. And we CANNOT create a foam zone on a high-gloss surface, like marble tile or recently glazed area.
  • Will it hurt my grass?
    The foam itself will not harm your grass, but the feet running around may cause some wear. No more than any other activity you might have on your lawn. If you have brand new grass that has not taken root, we recommend moving the foam to a different area or if your yard is susceptible to mud.
  • Who’s gonna clean up all this foam?
    Getting rid of all the foam is a breeze! Our foam solution is designed to dissipate in the sun and will go away within 30 minutes or less. If you are wanting to clear the are for another activity you can simply rinse the area with a hose.
  • Will the foam get guests wet?
    Running through foam may leave you damp and you can easily dry off in the sun. Playing in the foam pile for longer will get you wet, but not as wet as a slip n slide or pool. Depending on how much you play in the foam, you may want to bring your favorite towel and perhaps a change of clothes!
  • How long is a party?
    As long as you want! The length really depends on what type of party or event you're having. For something like a birthday party or day care, one to two hours is typical. For fairs, festivals, colleges and company events you may want more time added to accommodate the length of the event and the constant flow of guests.
  • What should guests wear?
    Lightweight shorts and shirts are recommended for those wanting to just run through the foam a couple times. Swimsuits are suggested for any adults or kids who will be in the foam for longer periods of time. In addition, goggles are suggested for those who wish to play or sit in the foam zone for a while.
  • Where should I have my foam party?
    Outdoors on a clear, open, flat area is best. Our flexible set up allows us to set up on grass, driveways, parking lots, sport courts, etc. We like to have at least a 20x20 space to work with, but can adjust to your needs.
  • How long is the set-up?
    Set-up is quick and easy. All we need is access to an outdoor faucet and a normal plug for electricity. We are able to set up and get going in as little as 20-30 minutes as long as the hose and electrical hook-ups have been identified and tested before hand.
  • What do you need from me?
    • Open, flat outdoor area clear of holes, obstructions and any pet droppings. If your area is prone to ants we suggest spraying a few days before we arrive. • Access to water supply within 50ft of area. • Access to grounded 3 prong outlet within 50ft of area. If you do not have meet these requirements, please let us know in advance so we can bring extra hoses, extension cords or even a generator for an additional charge. For the best results and safety of your event we must use our own special equipment.
  • What does your company provide?
    Bubble Blaster with all accessories and special solution. Trained Foam Professional(s) that will set-up, operate, and clean up. Foam Zone with Safety Signs Sound System to play our FUN music (optional) – Custom Playlist is available upon request. Beach Balls Amazing memories with picture perfect photo ops. *Glow Foam Night Parties will include lighting and special UV additive.
  • What if it rains?
    For the safety of your guests and our staff/equipment, we cannot set up for the foam party if rain looks imminent. Don’t fear! If the weather isn’t on our side, we have some raincheck options!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about our Amazing Foam Party Events!


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